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The real estate agents that put you, your lifestyle and your home first. We work together with yourselves to discover what you really want from a new home.

All About Us

We all move home for different reasons, growing families, new careers, escaping the ties of high maintenance living, moving out of home, or simply chasing a fresh start.

Wherever life finds you, we are here to make sure you end up exactly where you want to be, and we won’t stop until you get there. After meeting up for a chat, we will paint a picture of your story and needs, map out a plan unique to you, then go about making it happen.

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We will be with you the entire journey, from departing your current home to finding your perfect new place, even organising a rental (if you need it).

As locals, we know what it means to love where you live. It’s chatting with neighbours over the fence. It’s embracing the vibe of buzzing street markets and community events. It’s living in a big old suburban house surrounded by shady trees and parks. We really care about using our local insights to help you realise your properties possibilities.

Surreal Estate

Impossible is not a fact, it’s an opinion. We are here to prove the doubters wrong. When it comes to buying or selling, the word ‘can’t’ isn’t even in our vocabulary. Well, part of it is, great things happen when you open your mind. It can open the door to first home ownership. Keep your sea change dream alive.

Redefining ‘Home-Work’

We may spend our days studying you and the places you are going next. However, in our free time, we turn our attention to all the latest property trends. The more we learn, the more we earn. By staying ahead of the curve, we are best informed to make decisions that ultimately identify optimal real estate outcomes for all.

Record Breaking Marketing

We don’t just upload your home to the main real estate websites. That’s what our competitors do — we go much further. Instead, we promote your home to up to thousands of people on a variety of social media platforms including buyers outside your suburb and buyers who we think are more likely to respond to your home type.

Our Team

Meet our team of experienced real estate and property management agents



Licensee / Director

My passion for the area stems from family ties. My father came from Italy as a young boy and grew up locally. My mother grew up in the area too. It seems inevitable to continue the tradition of living in this vibrant area with my family.

I began a real estate career in 2001, inspired by the experience of selling and buying properties. Since then, have continued to develop a broad knowledge of all things Real Estate with 2012 bringing the opportunity to fulfil the dream of opening an office in the area in which I love to live, work and play.

My connection to the community means that much business comes from repeat and referral clients.



Sales Executive

Known far and wide for a fabulous shoe collection, individual marketing solutions and unmatched levels of customer service. A friendly approach combined with a liberal dose of creativity go a long way in achieving record results for our clients.

Having lived in the area since 1996 and seeing the area change and grow in to a highly sought after location for people of all ages.

“There are so many wonderful restaurants and cafes along the highway with new ones opening all the time. The arrival of small wine bars and boutique retailers have seen the area transform into a trendy, vibrant district. Many residents feel the area is comparable to the popular suburbs, but far more affordable”.

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